Halloween Night Pumpkin Match

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This legend appeared long ago. It goes around from mouth to mouth and no one knows the person who was the first to tell it. The legend says that somewhere in the dark, impassable forests, on the meadow stands a forsaken house where Pumpkin Jack lives. That very Pumpkin Jack who has a holiday pumpkin instead of head! He lives all the year round and never comes out from his dwelling, but ones a year not long before Halloween Pumpkin Jack goes hunting for the souls of dead people! He calls them to his home in order to change his dwelling and to get prepared to the celebration of Halloween.

Screenshots - 1# - 2#

Recommended System Requirements:
  • Processor 800MHz or faster;
  • RAM 128 MB;
  • Video card
  • 16MB Video Card
Current Download Links Available: (14MB)

Enjoy The Game
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