Down Stone

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Somewhere in the space, there is a planet where the Stoonies live. There are two hemispheres in this planet: the norther and southern. The Gorcs inhabit the northern part, and they are trying to conquer the southern hemisphere to control the whole planet. To reach this purpose, the Gorcs need to deactivate the gravity shield which protects the southern hemisphere. The machine that controls this gravity shield is placed in an island called DownStone, where the Stoonies live. One day a Stoonie called Yuky went fishing and, by accident, he left the gravity shield. Nobody expected what actually happened; once Gorcs implanted Yuky with all the robotic devices, he controlled the whole Gorc community. The Stoonies meet to choose a warrior to defeat Yuky's allies. Torn is the chosen one, a very smart Stoonie, whos quest is to recover Yuky for the Stoonies and save them

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Recommended System Requirements:
  • Yet To Be Confirmed
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