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GridLines is an absorbing square-forming puzzle game. Take turns drawing one line at a time on he game grid. Complete a square and you get the points, but be careful not to give away too many squares to your opponent. Play the classic mode, a bonuses mode where every square is worth something different or set up your perfect game using the custom mode. Challenge a human friend in the two player mode. Save your current game at any point and come back to it later. Challenge your computer to a game of GridLines today !

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Recommended System Requirements:
  • No Specific Requirements
Current Download Links Available: (6.3MB)

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Anonymous said...

Amazing game.. I download and I played.. But it is limited(trial) No key number with this game.. I hope to add it cracked and Thank for Mygamelist.

AMWP said...

Thabks For letting us know, i'l look into it

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