Westward 3: Gold Rush

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When gold is discovered in the Northern California wilderness, speculators flock west in hopes of striking it rich. Along the way the kind-hearted, but financially struggling, Baron family welcomes three weary travelers into their home and offers them a place to rest. Grateful for their hospitality, the pioneers make a promise to repay the family for their kindness and generosity when they are settled.

Steer the fortunes of three adventurous pioneers as they build and defend their ever-growing settlement from dangerous bandits determined to cheat, or steal, from anyone they cross. Navigate uncharted terrain rich in natural resources - where gold is abundant and treachery hides behind every handshake - and gather the supplies needed to build your dusty tent settlement into a thriving boomtown. Customize your town with over 50 buildings, upgrades and luxury items, and hire combat units to keep the peace.

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Recommended System Requirements:
  • Windows XP/Vista
  • 800 MHz processor (1.0 GHz Vista)
  • 256 MB RAM (512 MB Vista)
  • Hardware Accelerated 3D
  • 32 MB Video RAM
  • DirectX 9 (DirectX 10 Vista)

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