Crazy Factory

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You are the proud owner of a derelict factory – and your very own company. Invest in R&D, learn the basics of Sales and Marketing, motivate your employees and start selling wacky products: futuristic latrines, roller-blades and android home helps!Target our consumers and anticipate their every desire… And if that isn’t enough, use means that measure up to your ambition: spy on your competition and steal their latest inventions, sabotage their machines and drain away their brains, sue them dry for espionage and get the IRS on their backs! Bew are though… your competition will not hesitate to form an unholy alliance with the underworld to bring about your demise!

Screenshots - 1# - 2# - 3#


Minimum System Requirements:
  • Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / VISTA
  • Processor Pentium 30
  • Memory 128 MB
  • 200 MB free hard disk space

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make money from game said...

this game reminds me of that mcdonalds game where u have to have employees,have cows a part of the factory where all the dicisions r made,the store the making of the food etc would be really good if the tutorial had all the tips and tricks so i tried to find out on my own.BTW GREAT GRAPHICS almost like a dream works movie

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